Margaret Clark

Margaret Clark

BPW Clubs

Membership         Wellington:                1984


Wellington:                2002 to 2005

Mana : 2005 to present

Programme Secretary

Minute secretary

Vice President

President Tauranga (3 times)

BPW NZ Federation

National Health Chair: 1998-2000

Member of conference organizing committee chaired by Anne Todd, held in Tauranga, 1994

Professional & Personal Insight:

  • From Scotland via Queensland Margaret arrived in NZ in 1975.
  • Joined the NZ midwifery workforce in 1977 at Hutt Hospital, then Kenepuru and moved to Tauranga Hospital in 1990.
  • Retired in 1997.

Margaret Clark – Her story:

  • Reason for joining BPW:

To meet other people who were not nurses [we all talk shop]

Was attracted by an article in the “Contact” now called the “Wellingtonian”

Found plenty of like minded women while also enjoying a night away from kids and cooking

”BPW have given me so much in interest, learning and companionship that I will continue as long as they will have me!”

  • During her time as Health Chair:

Very interesting time with the start of plans for Primary health organizations and decentralization of decision making in the health sector

Contributed to the rationale for a remit condemning female genital mutilation [circumcision] which was passed at Congress.