Elaine White

Elaine White

BPW Upper Hutt

Membership:                 1987 to current

Founding member

Club positions:              Treasurer

Honorary Auditor

Professional & Personal Insight:

  • Bachelor of Business Studies degree from Massey University.
  • Her career has been mainly in accounting. As an accountant she became a partner at Pritchard

McCullough in Lower Hutt.  She went on to own her own business, which has recently been sold.

Now Elaine is contracted to the new owners.

Elaine White – Her Story:

  • When she joined BPW, Elaine was a solo parent and found work in Wellington by going door to door.
  • She insists her honorarium as auditor is donated each year to a charity.
  • Has found the club has given her friendship and networking over the years, which she has returned ten fold.
  • She takes the opportunity that BPW gives her to have a say in women’s affairs.


 Chartered Accountant

Work Experience

Have been employed since 1986 in positions from senior accountant to office manager and have been a business owner as a partner to 2005 and since then as a sole owner to 2008.  I worked as an accounting contractor from 2008 when I sold my business. I started my sole  practitioner accounting business in April 2010.

During this time I have been a member of the New Zealand Society of Chartered Accountants and hold a current practising certificate. 

BPW Experience

I joined BPW Upper Hutt when the Club started there after my mother encouraged me to attend the inaugural meeting in 1986.

I have held various committee positions including Treasurer for the Club. During my time as member I participated as Treasurer for the Conference held in Wellington. I was able to assist with auditing the Federation Financial Statements for that year.

I was President’s Associate during Angela McLeod’s term as National President.

I attended BPW Conferences in Wellington and Hamilton as delegate each time and as observer in Masterton and Gisborne, and as Treasurer Elect in Auckland

 I have been the Executive Treasurer for BPW NZ since last Conference.


Personal Statement

I am married with 2 children and 3 step-children with 4 grandchildren and 6 step-grandchildren aged between 6 weeks and 18 years.

 I enjoy our beach house and time at Lake Taupo where we fish on the Lake and enjoy relaxing.

Thank you for the opportunity to continue working for BPW’s aims and to ensure the finance policy is strictly adhered to.       

Contact:  treasurer@bpwnz.org.nz