Christina Turner

Christina Turner

BPW Hawera

Personal Statement

I am the mother of eight, grandmother on 12.5, and great-grandmother of two, teacher, avid reader and enthusiastic technophile.  I live in a big house with a menagerie of dogs, cats, chooks and goat, an two adult sons who won’t leave home, get married and produce more grandchildren, although (fingers crossed) it looks like there is some movement in that area!

I enjoy any kind of exercise that I can watch from the couch.  Don’t have much time for sports, unless New Zealand is winning, then just gimme the score.  I like tramping round the mountain, swimming with the grandkids, movies ditto and date nights ditto.  I hate cooking; I would rather do the dishes.  Love shopping and love teaching.  My biggest weakness?  Chocolate!

Work Experience

I have run my own business in partnership with my husband since 1986, when my youngest child was a year old.  We had a cycle/sports/engraving/locksmith business which has evolved over the years, until now I am a sole trader doing contract work as Regional Coordinator for Computers in Homes, market research for Research International, engraving for a select clientele, and other contracts as required.

Volunteer Experience

I have served in various community organisations, mostly as a secretary.  I began my church service at the age of twelve, teaching a class of 6-8 year olds, but have undertaken the roles of president counsellor, secretary or board member in various church auxiliaries since then.  I have taught adults, children and youth classes, notably nine years as a seminary teacher.  Currently I play the organ for church services, and teach the youth Sunday school class.

BPW Experience

I joined BPW in 2006 after I attended a meeting at the invitation of a woman in my yoga class.  That first meeting was Candlelighting, and I was convinced that I’d stumbled into a coven.  However the women were far from being witches, and I initially joined for the networking opportunities and the chance to meet women outside of my usual circle.  I was asked to take on the role of secretary in 2008 and found that BPW was a whole lot more when I attended the national conference in Masterton in 2009 as Hawera’s very green (confused) and very sole delegate.

In 2010 I took on the role of Executive secretary for the Federation and found a challenge that I had not anticipated; a challenge that I believe I have not conquered.

I would like the chance to continue as Executive Secretary for BPW NZ in 2011/2012.  I believe there is more I can do in this role to help BPW NZ in the future.