Phyllis Godkin

Phyllis Godkin-2001

Phyllis Godkin-2001


 BPW Auckland

Phyllis, a stylish, cultured, business woman, gave over fifty years of service to the New Zealand Federation at club, national and international levels.

Phyllis joined BPW Auckland in 1952 and several years later attended her first New Zealand Conference.

Between 1958 and 1959 she was President of BPW Auckland. In 1967 she was elected Vice President of the NZ Federation, serving until 1973.

As part of her duties she actively participated in meetings of CORSO, UNESCO National Commission, PPSEWA and the United Nations Association (UN) of New Zealand strengthening the relationship with those organisations.   Once her term at the Federation level had been officially completed Phyllis joined the UN Association of New Zealand, soon becoming its President.  In this role she introduced the UN to young people in schools by introducing them to international visitors and sponsoring an annual speech competition, the subject centring round UN activities or issues.  Phyllis led the restructuring of the UN Association of New Zealand to improve women’s status in the community under the umbrella of UNIFEM.

Phyllis also continued the Auckland club’s delegate duties with PPSEWA.  Through her, BPW Auckland maintained an interest in and support for South Pacific and UN matters.

Phyllis travelled as part of the New Zealand Federation delegation to Congress in London in 1965 and at that meeting, accepted the role of UN Chair for the International Federation.

Phyllis was the owner of a private hospital and became president of the Independent Hospitals Association, the first women to do so.  Many BPW meetings and parties were held on her hospital premises.  Phyllis died on July 29 at the age of 87 but such was her good health and energy she attended meetings and functions until she was in her early 80’s.