Maureen Herlihy-Molony

Maureen Herlihy-Molony

 BPW Mana (formerly BPW Porirua)

Membership:        1979 to current

Founding member

Various committee positions


Club president

Life Member: 2005

BPW National

NZ Federation of BPW’s Trustee representative for the New Horizons Trust : 2005 to 2007

Professional & Personal Insight:

  • Maureen’s background is in Nursing, more specifically Psychiatric nursing.  This is a very demanding and at times sad and depressing side of nursing but she tackles it with a dedication and nerve that one can only admire.
  • She started as a psychiatric assistant working part time at Porirua Psychiatric Hospital as at that time she was

raising five children.  Over the subsequent twelve and a half years she continued working whilst taking only short absences to have three more children, (yes a total of eight children!!).

  • Once her youngest child reached five years of age in 1979 she started her psychiatric nursing training and

graduated in 1981.  She has continued working at Porirua Hospital in the Psychiatric wards ever since.

Maureen Herlihy-Moloney – Her story:

  • As a member of BPW Mana (formerly known as BPW Porirua):

Indeed she attended the first meeting of BPW Porirua after Virginia Webb of Wellington Club had seen the necessity of having a club in the area and went about setting it up

Accompanied Virginia Webb to Waikanae and assisted in the setting up of the new club

Every month provides beautiful gift baskets for speakers and raffles

Has attended numerous Annual Conferences around the country during her time as a member

  • Maureen is regarded as the Matriarch and club sage and this is reflected by:

Being a mentor within the club’s Keys to Achievement programme

Club members look to her for advice and information of any number of things.  It is always freely and happily given.

  • BPW Mana was proud to make Maureen a life member of the club in 2005.