Daisy Pillar QSM M.A.

 Miss Daisy Pillar


Miss Daisy Pillar, was Dominion President from 1961 to 1963. If my memory serves me well Daisy was one of the driving forces behind the setting up of Massey University form its earliest inceptions.  During her time in office the position of General Secretary came into being and Miss Edwina Thompson, of Temuka, became the first General Secretary of NFBPW, a role she held for over 25 years.

Daisy was a secondary school teacher in the middle of the agriculture belt and her desire for the youth of the day to have greater opportunities following their school life was an abiding passion for her.  Following her retirement she became a borough councillor in Levin.

She was also renowned for her work for superannuants throughout the country.

Daisy also drove the International IFBPW Ramallah Appeal whereby BPW Federations world wide funded scholarships in Ramallah in Jordan that was for refugees from Palestine on the West Bank.  NZFBPW raised one hundred and eighty pounds for the first year of scholarship.  In addition sewing machines were sent to women in the Sudan, funding was raised for UNESCO Projects and Freedom from Hunger Campaigns.

Daisy also led a party of 30 BPW members to Australia for a two week tour in1962 and another tour of 26 in 1963.

I led the oration on behalf of NZFBPW at Daisy’s funeral many years later in the nineteen eighties and even then her mana and friendships were to the fore.  Her students, her teaching colleagues and her many business associates gave thanks for knowing her and having her as a mentor and friend.