Margery Toulson

Margery Toulson

Founder President BPW NZ

10 April 1939 to October 1946

BPW Wellington

Membership: 1939 to

BPW NZ Federation

Founder President: 1939 to 1946

BPW International

2nd Vice President: October 1939 for eight years

A Personal Insight:

She was seen to be unbelievably beautiful by her friends and colleagues and that was in spirit and style as well as visually.

 Miss Toulson was a good friend of Miss Olga Collins who returned to New Zealand just before the start of the second world war.

 An extract from Miss Margery Toulson’s report:

“It is not easy to trace a beginning.

One goes back and back ….. and back …….. Remembering, probing, tracing, acknowledging.  It began thus!  No, farther back still?  In actual fact, our Minute Book records that the New Zealand Federation began April 8-10, 1939, in Wellington.  We who helped in its inception know that it began still earlier when Miss Ethel Law, National General Secretary for the Y.W.C.A. and said “Look over these—I think they may interest you.” They did. But, farther back still, the stream began in America when the thoughtful and far-seeing mind of a fine woman, Dr Lena Madesin-Phillips, President of The International Federation of Business and Professional Women, was inspired to send those same papers to Miss Ruth Woodsmall,

Secretary of the World’s Y.W.C.A. at Geneva for the possible interest of New Zealand women – and behind that again was the first grouping of business and professional women of America with the influence of the Y.W.C.A.

“It was proposed by Miss M. Toulson of Wellington, seconded by Miss Lupton of Whangarei, and passed:

That the Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs of the Y.W.C.A. of New Zealand officially formed at this Convention applies to the International Federation of Business and Professional Women for affiliation, and, in so doing, expresses its deep sympathy with the ideals of the International Federation and the hope that the New Zealand Federation may, in the future, add its contribution to the splendid work of the International Federation for the advancement of women’s status and ideals throughout the world.”