Dr Lena Madesin Phillips

Dr Lena Madesin Phillips

BPW International Foundation President

 BPW Upper Hutt

Membership:                  1987 to current

Founding member

Club positions:              Treasurer

Honorary Auditor

Professional & Personal Insight:

  • Bachelor of Business Studies degree from Massey University.
  • Her career has been mainly in accounting. As an accountant she became a partner at Pritchard

McCullough in Lower Hutt.  She went on to own her own business, which has recently been sold.

Now Elaine is contracted to the new owners.

Elaine White – Her Story:

  • When she joined BPW, Elaine was a solo parent and found work in Wellington by going door to door.
  • She insists her honorarium as auditor is donated each year to a charity.
  • Has found the club has given her friendship and networking over the years, which she has returned ten fold.
  • She takes the opportunity that BPW gives her to have a say in women’s affairs.
  • Business and Professional Women, indeed in every organisation she undertook to steer, a living organism with power to grow.
  • Thus far, their growth has not been stemmed by, neither has it been stunted by her vision, however, ranged far beyond her own time in history, where women were still waging a struggle of equal place in society, still failing to benefit from the fully realized potentialities of men as well as women.
  • She foresaw and believed that such a society, equal, just and at peace, would some day come to reality.
  • The “fair and peaceful work for which countless men and women have died can be delayed,” she wrote, “but it must………….  It matters little whether or not we live to see it.  It is only important that each struggle for it.”

Extracts from the First International Congress 1930:

  • “We feel that this event is a major step towards establishing new fundamental ideas on the real value of women in

today’s world.

  • Each woman must dedicate herself to protect and promote the interests of all women in business and professions.
  • We invite the women of every nation to participate in this effort and every man who is in sympathy with it to lend his moral support.
  • Let us be up and about our own, responsibilities, our own affairs, no others will be about them for us.  For whatever we truly deserve, whatsoever we merit, no more no less shall come to us.”  Consultative status granted at the UNITED NATIONS IN 1947

Inspirational Quotes –Dr Lena Madesin Phillips:

“Leaders may emerge with vision, creativity and directions but it is the quality of the supporting members, the width of experience they contribute, the depth of their determination and interest they bring, that allows an organisation to fulfil its aims and become the powerhouse for the members’ own development.”

“You are now pioneers in the dream of peace and social justice, of international understanding and good will, This dream will come to pass, It matters little whether you or I live to see the day, It is important that each of us struggle without pause towards the day.”

“It is now not in the next century, but now we must recognize that cooperation among all people cannot remain a dream”

“Change may come through revolution, but also though orderly planning, consciously and determinedly carried out”

“Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.… “

“It is not by chance or through the efforts of its leaders alone that a club continues to be worthy of its heritage and of its

Mission, every member is of fundamental importance.”


Summarized by Ninette Trifiletti – Chair, International  Mentoring Taskforce