Dianne Glenn ONZM JP Adv.Dip.Tch. NZID

Dianne Glenn

BPWFellow, Past President BPW NZ

BPW Franklin

Membership: 1983 to present  (BPW Franklin affiliated in 1984)

Founding Member

Vice President/Membership Convenor: 1984 to 1985

President: 1985 to 1987

Life Member: 2009

BPW NZ Federation

Education and Cultural Committee: 1985 to 1991

Projects Chair: 1991 to 1994

Vice President – Membership: 1994 to 1996

President: 1996 to 1999

BPW International (IFBPW)

Oceania Sub Regional Co-ordinator: 1999 to 2002

Asia-Pacific Regional Co-ordinator/BPW International Executive Board: 2002 to 2005

IFBPW Environment & Sustainability Committee and IFBPW Water Task Force: 2008 to present

Professional & Personal Insight:

  • Political – Auckland Regional Councillor representing Franklin and Papakura, 1998 to current; Deputy Chair of Regional Parks and Recreation (1998-2001); Deputy Chair of Strategic Policy and Planning (2001-4); Chair of Environmental

Management and Regulatory Services (2004 to current). Certificated Commissioner and Chair of Resource Consent

Management Hearings.

  • Education – Secondary school teacher (1964-66) and (1974-93); Trained Teachers’ Certificate (Home Economics),

Advanced Diploma of Teaching (Arts and Crafts), Adult Tutors’ Certificate (Adult Education).

  • Other occupations – Advertising and Publishing (1967); Owned and managed fabric and gift retail outlet (1968-71);

Outwork sewing whilst rearing two sons (1971-74).

Dianne Glenn –  Her Story:

  • As a member of BPW Franklin:

Vice President/Membership Convenor:  responsible for growing membership of a new club and welfare of members

As President of BPW Franklin:

¨ networking relationships established, active in local government issues

¨ established Study Awards, introduced seminars and workshops for club and community.

BPW New Zealand:

  • Projects Chair:  responsible for Awards to Female Apprentices in Non-Traditional Trade Training; Women in the

Professions , focus on Research; Women in Business, focus on Small Business; Massey University Study Awards; BPW NZ Awards to Club and Members.  Initiated Study Awards for female student nurses at La Paz Training Centre for Nurses, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

  • Vice President/ Membership:  initiated Regional Meetings in NZ, to assist and support club management.  Her

committee produced the first Manual for the formation of new clubs:

Led BPW NZ delegation to the United Nations 4th World Conference on Women (1995)

Represented BPW NZ on the NZ NGO Reporting Committee (1995-96), co-ordinated “Beyond Beijing Roadshow”.  Portfolio: Human Rights,  NGO Report to NZ Government was produced “Beyond Beijing : Kei Tua Beijing –  Kote Ahua Mahi A Aotearoa”.

  • President:   initiated workshops and seminars in all clubs under leadership of all convenors (allocated 2-4 clubs each) to work, on the 12 Areas of concern within “The Platform for Action” the outcome from Beijing.

Collated the responses and sent to the NZ Government “Platform for Action – A Response” by BPW NZ

Represented BPW NZ in the production of both the NZ Government’s 3rd and 4th Report to the UN CEDAW

Reporting Committee, and the accompanying NGO Report

Links were forged between BPW NZ and female Members of Parliament, as well as many other women’s

organisations, in support of the BPW International theme for the triennium, on “Partnerships for the Future”

BPW NZ voted “Partnerships with Politicians”, “Partnerships with Other Women’s Organisations” and “Partnerships with Australia”, results stronger relationships, increased lobbying capacity at International level

Visits were made to all (but one) BPW NZ clubs within my three year term

With Pauline Gapper, hosted Jyoti Bhattachan from Pokhara, Nepal, visiting several North Island clubs to encourage fundraising for the BPW NZ literacy projects in Nepal and the donation of babies and young children’s clothes for the BPW Nepal Day-care Centres on industrial sites.


  • Oceania Sub Regional Co-ordinator:  Reported on (incorporating members’ input) “Women’s Legal Rights” informing members of legislation, UN Conventions such as CEDAW, to know their legal rights.  Second project “Women’s Access to Justice” both presented at the Regional Meeting in Thailand (2001) and Congress in Melbourne (2002).

UN Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg (2002), represented the Asia-Pacific Region, joined a team of women sponsored by the Government of the Netherlands, to study “water” and influence governments in its use and protection. Outcome, establish a project to be undertaken by women worldwide.

  • Asia-Pacific Regional Co-ordinator – Member of the BPW International Executive Board:

Established “Bridging the Gap : Women for Water – Water for Women”

Serves on the BPW International Water Task Force and the World Water Council

Appointed to WISE (Women with International Societal Expertise).

Attended four BPW International Board meetings, two in Zurich (Switzerland), one in Rome (Italy), one in Lucerne prior to Congress 2005.  Task work with membership issues, financial and strategic directions, as well as encourage projects that fulfil the aims and objectives of BPW

Organised and attended Rarotonga (Oceania) in 2003 and Regional Meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal (2004),

delegates visited clubs and supporting projects in Kathmandu, Patan and Pokhara.

  • Attendance at International Conferences and Congresses:  attended a number of Congresses example below:

 Congress XIX in the Bahamas (the Caribbean) – Alternate Delegate (1989)

 Congress XX in Nairobi (Kenya) – Delegate (1991)

 Congress XXI in Nagoya (Japan) – Delegate (1993)

 Congress XXII at the Lido, Venice (Italy) – Delegate and Leader of the Delegation (1996)

 Congress XXIII in Vancouver (Canada) – Delegate and Deputy Leader of the Delegation (1999)

 Congress XXIV in Melbourne (Australia) – Delegate (2002)

 Congress XXV in Lucerne (Switzerland) – BPW International Board Member (2005)

 Regional Meetings as Delegate for BPW NZ in Colombo (Sri Lanka)(1997); Singapore (1998); Bangkok (Thailand) (2001); and as Regional Co-ordinator for Kathmandu (Nepal) (2004)

BPW Australia Conferences attended 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2002.