Carolyn Savage, ANZIA, MArch, BArch (Hons), BAS, NZCD (Arch)

Carolyn Savage 2014

Carolyn Savage

BPW Franklin

Professional Career 

Du Bois & Sauvignon Limited

Architectural and Building Services

  • Director, Du Bois & Sauvignon Limited
  • Architectural and Building Services
  • Director, Du Bois & Sauvignon Limited
  • New Zealand Registered Architects Board,
  • Registered Architect, 2007
  • Principal, Du Bois & Sauvignon Ltd,
  • NZIA Registered Practice, 2008
  • Senior Architect / Project Manager, Alexander & Co Ltd 2011

BPW Franklin

  • President Feb 2010 to Feb 2012
  • BPW Franklin, 1st Vice President 2008/2010
  • BPW Franklin, 2nd Vice President/Programme 2007/2008
  • BPW Franklin, Events Programme, 2005 to 2006
  • BPW Franklin, 2004 to present


  • BPW NZ, President April 2011 to 2014
  • BPW NZ, Delegate, BPW International Congress, Helsinki 2011
  • BPW NZ, 1st Vice President – Membership & Issues, 2010/2011
  • Recipient of the Daphne Chapman Award, 2010
  • BPW NZ, 2nd Vice President – Issues, 2009/2010
  • BPW NZ, Marketing Convenor, 2008/2009 (Roadshow designer/editor)
  • BPW NZ, Alternative Delegate, BPW International Congress, Mexico 2008

Other Interests
Registered Architect, applying environmental and sustainable principles to all new and existing houses, in additional to implementing these into remedial and upgrade of weather-tight projects.  An example of sustainable architecture achieved a “Highly Commended Sustainable Award” at the NZ Wood Awards and Master Builders Gold Achievement in Sustainability (2010).  I thank Irvine and Alexander for their continued humour, support and company on the many trips I have undertaken over the last year.


Personal Statement
At Conference 2011 I was asked to stand as President and I would like to thank the membership for the opportunity to represent BPW NZ.  It has been a momentous year and a real learning curve and I feel that we are now starting to make real progress in moving BPWNZ forward.  It was an honour to be Delegate Leader at Congress, to actively participate in key decision processes and a speaker at two workshops.  BPW NZ is an organisation that has a voice and like other organisations in NZ and overseas, memberships and club sustainability is being challenged and to that end the first steps for a temporary Membership Taskforce with initial terms of reference has been undertaken.  I can envisage an exciting year ahead where new ideas are evolving including the fine tuning of processes, implementing new tools for management to meet the challenges of a modern Federation, this will ensure the success of BPW NZ and our membership overall for 2012 and beyond.

During my first year I have continued to raise the profile of BPW NZ with other organisations and through the press.  One such project is the BPWI directive for Federations to support the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a UN Women and United Nations Global Compact initiative.   At a meeting with UN Women President Rae Julian (August 2011) and Dr Judy McGregor (Human Rights Commission) (Nov 2011) we joined to launch the WEPs at Government House (13/2/2012) with nine major businesses/companies signing the “CEO Statement of Support…”  with now 11 signed to date.  Finally, thank you to my committee and to all the clubs who extended invitations to visit and participate in their events, celebrations and meetings.                      

From the Roadshow

Carolyn Savage

BPW NZ, Marketing Convenor

Roadshow Producer and Co-ordinator

BPW Franklin

Membership: 2004 to present

Programme Convenor: 2005

2nd Vice President: 2006 to 2007

1st Vice President/Keys to Achievement: 2008 to present

BPW NZ Federation

Marketing Chair: 2008 to 2009

Professional & Personal Insight:

  • Director and Principal of her own architectural practice.
  • Registered Architect, with her primary focus on sustainable architecture Green Star Accredited Professional, Australia and USA Green Star


  • Her career has been diverse and varied from a tracer, kitchen designer, drafting team member of Foodtowns and the first KMart, personal assistant to engineers, to the General Manager of Quality Bakers South Island Head Office and into the role of Project Administrator for the Stage 1, $50M refurbishment of Riccarton Mall, (Chch).
  • In her late 20’s Carolyn started on the road to become an architect, starting with the NZ Certificate of Draughting (Architecture) while working full time (with the support of her husband and son), to graduating from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) 2000.  Study has continued, some examples are indicated:

Masters of Architecture (Sustainable Design), 2005 while raising her youngest son (1yr old).  It was at this time her husband said  “you are not too busy, now would be a good time to do it.”  Those famous last words.

Attended the inaugural New Zealand Master Class of Design, September 2005.

  • Other interests/activities:

Volunteer secretary for the junior soccer clubs, kindergarten and PTA’s committee and NGO groups

NZ Institute of Architecture, Auckland Branch, Student Representative 1996 to 1999

NZ Institute of Architecture, Auckland Branch, Environmental Group, Chairperson 1998 to 2005, 2006 to 2009

University of Auckland Alumni Society Member.

Carolyn Savage –  Her Story:

  • Became a member after being award the BPW Franklin Education Scholarship in 2003.  Wanted to give something back to this group of women who raised funds to support other women in furthering their education, so:

Attended a couple of meetings, not really sure what BPW was all about, but decided she would join

Became a member of the committee in 2005, to find out more about BPW

Organised guest speakers, participated in the International Candlelighting ceremony

Invites family, friends, architectural colleagues and clients to attend BPW meetings and fundraising events

Promotes BPW through other organisations

In 2007 there were two nominations for 1st Vice President, Carolyn was honoured to be voted by her club members to step up into the role.

Attended her first BPW Conference in 2008 with the results:

¨ was elected BPW NZ Marketing Convenor, 2008

¨ was voted as an Alternate Delegate representative for BPW NZ to Congress, Mexico City, 2008

  • BPW International:

The XXVI BPW International Congress, Mexico 2008 – ‘Power to Make A Difference’ – Alternate Delegate

Assisted with various duties while at Congress, for example:

¨ signed in delegates for first resolutions meeting

¨ became an Official timekeeper

¨ assisted in NZ speakers powerpoint presentations

¨ volunteered for events in the early hours of the morning, result met some fantastic ladies and taught them a little Kiwi ingenuity!  Learnt a few things of how BPW NZ can assist/educate younger women of today to make them great leaders of tomorrow.

BPW NZ 70th Anniversary Roadshow:

“At the first strategic planning meeting I attended of the Executive Committee I never realised the direction a suggestion could lead.  Let us look at BPW women who have contributed over the last 70 years and create a record of them for the 70th Anniversary.”

  • The 70th Anniversary has seen the following emerge:

Modernising the existing banner, with the BPW Two-World Logo, strengthen the branding of BPW

Create a modern national brochure for use by all clubs to use to promote BPW NZ

Pull-up banners that can be easily transported to different events, using three key worlds that encompass BPW, its aims and the roles of the women who represent BPW

Profiles of women that BPW clubs wanted to celebrate and present in the Roadshow

Acknowledgement of the awards that have been donated by different members over the last 70 years and the clubs and members who have won them

Illustrate the high calibre of members through the BPW International awards presented to BPW NZ, the various clubs and women who have contributed significantly on the International arena

Show the various committees that BPW International has on the United Nations board

Acknowledge the new mentoring programme ‘Keys to Achievement’ and the women who have participated through the various levels

Create a timeline to illustrate when NZ, with the encourage/recommendation of the YWCA joined BPW International and the projects, the issues that members have worked through with policy and government over the last 70 years

Provide an informative marketing tool that clubs, both new and existing, can use to tell the story of BPW.

Like any successful project a number of people have contributed and I would like to acknowledge and thank the following:   Faye Gardiner, for the vision of the Roadshow; the Executive Committee for their constructive thoughts and comments;  club members who participated in sending through profiles and photos;  to Barbara (BPW Mana) & Marris Weight for opening their home to me while Barbara and I ploughed through layers of data/revisions/profiles and all the co-ordination between the clubs and myself; to Maria Smith (BPW Franklin) for her design suggestions on the pull-up banners and the formatting of a number of profiles;  to Liz (BPW Franklin) and Roger Hall of Express Print & Copy for their tireless work in ensuring the colours would match, the quality and layout of production and the overall finished presentation, many a late night and early mornings occurred to achieve this.  Finally “behind every great man there is a great woman” with BPW it is the reverse and I would like to thank my husband, Irvine for his support while this was being completed.