Audrey Harris QSO

Audrey Harris, QSO

 BPW Huntly & Districts

Past President BPW NZ 

Membership:        1973 to current

Foundation Member

President:          1985 & 86

Life Member:        1992

BPW Whangarei:

Membership:        2005

BPW Federation

Member of Standing Committee  –  Projects:  1981 & 1982

Chair for Standing Committee  –  Education:  1983 to 1987

2nd Vice President:            1987 to 1989

National President:            1989 to 1991

Life Member:              1997

Wrote BPW Manual and BPW Archivist:    1997

(Total of 11 years on the Federation)

BPW International

International Chair –  Projects:  1991 to 1993

International Chair  – Projects:  1993 to

Professional & Personal Insight:

  • Audrey was born at Te Hoe into a dairy farming family.
  • Was a boarder at Hamilton High School for four years.
  • Attended the Auckland Teachers Training College, Graduated as a Teacher.
  • Spent nine years as a Primary School Teacher at Te Hoe and Rangiriri before moving to Te Kauwhata

College in 1971.

  • Audrey after after marrying Keith, had two young children, helped with the farming, took pride in her herd of pigs which consisted of 23 sows and continued teaching.
  • Became Senior Mistress and Assistant Principal at Te Kauwhata College and was instrumental in bringing concern for the status and achievement of girls to the fore.    Audrey always believed in “if something was worth doing it required her need to be thorough.”
  • Audrey was Secretary of the Huntly Branch of the IHC for eight years. Her contributions to so many other organizations is vast.
  • Has lived by a favourite saying of her Grandmother’s which was;  “All that you do, do with your might. Things done by halves, are never done right.”

Special Awards/Recognition:

In 1994 Audrey received the following two accolades:

  • certificate in the Finals of NZ Senior Achievers Awards, nominated by BPW Huntly & Districts Club, was presented by the Hon Peter Gresham and Governor General Dame Catherine Tizard as guest of Honour.
  • the same week the Queens Service Order at the Investiture Ceremony at Government House.
  • BPW Huntly and Districts presented her with a Certificate of Appreciation and Citation in June 2005, prior to her departing to Waipu.

Audrey Harris –  Her Story:

  • As a member of Huntly & Districts Club over 32 years:

Mentor and has enriched the lives of all who have come in contact with her during her term

Leader and a member who illustrated the true indication of calibre, energy, loving and tremendous giving which has been remembered by her members it was the common saying “when there has been a hurdle to cross – Ask Audrey, she’ll know.”

  • Later years Audrey had been involved in other areas at club level for example

organizer of the events for and on behalf of the Ministry of Senior Citizens with Huntly and Districts being the volunteer organization responsible for handling the finances

Chair for Huntly and Districts Club SOTHA Event held in October 2005

continued to worked quietly behind the scenes to mentor members through their own.

  • During her term on the Federation the following was achieved:

as President visit 37  out of 45 clubs around NZ

Þ prepared the “History of the New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs 1939—1993”

attended 25 Candlelighting ceremonies, Huntly’s still holds a special place

wrote the BPW manual and was BPW Archivist  in 1997

  • International representation:

1985 she was on the planning Committee – International Congress

¨ Was appointed New Zealand’s delegate to the Hague Congress

1989  Leader of the New Zealand Delegation to the Bahamas Congress and the Mexio Project 5/O.

¨ It was in Mexio that the La Paz Nursing course was started where we have contributed as a   club to finance this project.

1990, Invited to address the Australian BPW Conference.

1991, NZ Delegate to the International Congress in Nairobi, Kenya.

¨ Was appointed International Chair of Projects. Audrey also fitted in another task this year as leader of the BPW Delegation invited to Russia as guests of the Soviet Women’s Committee.

1992, Co– opted as a member to the Women’s Advisory Committee at the Waikato Polytech.

1993  , New Zealand delegate to UNIDO/Regional meeting of Asia and Pacific held in Nepal.

¨ Re-elected International BPW Chair of Projects at the International Congress in Nagoya Japan.

Awards given by BPW International Affiliate

Audrey Harris – BPW New Zealand Club of the Year Award