Angela McLeod B.Ag, Dip. Dev. Studies

Angela McLeod

BPW Upper Hutt

 Membership:       2000 to current

Newsletter editor:   2001 to 2003

Vice President:  2002 to 2003

President:  2003 to 2006

Immediate Past President:  2006 to 2007

Speakers Co-ordinator and Issues:  2007 to 2008

Membership and Marketing :  2008 to current

BPW NZ Federation

Legislation Convenor:  2005 to 2007

Acting 2nd Vice President – Issues  2006 to 2007

2nd Vice President – Issues  2007 to 2008

1st Vice President – Issues  2008 to 2009

President  2009 to current

BPW International

Delegate BPW Australia conference, November 2007

Panel Speaker and Moderator at EOWAP Conference, Singapore, February 2009

Deputy Leader BPWNZ delegation to International Congress, Mexico City, October 2008

Professional & Personal Insight

Executive Assistant to Sue Kedgley MP

Angela McLeod – Her Story

  • Introduced to the club by her mother, Alison Prince.
  • Women’s Issues are a passion for Angela.
  • Actually being in Mexico confirmed for Angela that Women’s Issues and BPW at a higher level is where her future lies.
  • Angela is an inspiration to club members.
  • Works tirelessly to enhance the profile of BPW Upper Hutt.
  • Chair for New Zealand Pay Equity Coalition 2009 to current

 International Representation

  • Delegate of New Zealand Delegation to Congress in Mexico 2008.
  • New Zealand Delegate to CSW New York, 2010 .
  • Delegate to BPW International President s Forum, 2010

Angela McLeod: New PR Manager of BPW International

President Freda Miriklis is delighted to announce that Angela McLeod has been appointed Public Relations Manager of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International).

Angela McLeod is the Immediate Past President of BPW New Zealand and was instrumental in increasing the profile of the New Zealand Federation through the media and collaborations with other like-minded groups. One example is the Pay Equity Challenge Coalition which was formed n 2009 as a collaboration with unions, and other women’s organisations, with Angela as co-chair and spokesperson.

“Angela’s passion for BPW and her understanding of women’s issues and how to communicate our solutions for them will be vital in increasing our profile,” says Freda Miriklis, President BPW International.

“Angela’s work experience in both the private and public sector, topped with her voluntary work gives us a great resource”

“I’d also like to congratulate and acknowledge the important role that BPW New Zealand plays in advocating the common objectives of both BPW International and BPW New Zealand.

“I’m looking forward to the positive contributions Angela will bring to the role of PR Manager.

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Angela McLeod: Women of the Week (99)

 Who is Angela McLeod ?

Angela McLeod

Angela McLeod

Angela has a Bachelor of Agriculture and a post-graduate Diploma in Development Studies (both from Massey University, New Zealand).  Although she has also been involved in educating New Zealanders about fair trade and third world issues and enjoys sharing her home with AFS exchange students, her paid employment background is in management of ethical retailing and print media.  Angela worked as the executive assistant to Sue Kedgley Green Party List MP, until Sue’s retirement at the last election, and is now supporting Steffan Browning Green Party List MP, based in Wellington.

BPW has been a part of Angela’s life since her mother introduced her just over 12 years ago, joining Upper Hutt club and after editing the bulletin becoming involved with the committee. Some New Zealand members remember her first conference in Auckland; three women asked her to stand for Young BPW Convenor, which she took as a compliment because she was 37 at the time! Now 46, she is enjoying her time as Immediate Past President of the Federation and being able to mentor and support the other Executive members and Convenors. Supporting BPW at International level takes some of Angela’s spare time; after attending two Congresses as Deputy Leader of the delegation, she is now on the Expert Panel of the Public Relations Standing Committee and is also the standing committee member representing the Asia-Pacific region.

Angela is a strong advocate for women, effective in articulating policy and as Federation Vice President Issues and Federation President was successful in pushing the BPW voice on pay equity, increasing women in leadership and highlighting the effects of violence against women.

Angela is also passionate about healthy and sustainable living and enjoys her lifestyle block in Upper Hutt near Wellington in New Zealand, along with husband Mac.   Oh, and two dogs, one cat, two chickens, 20 or so sheep, 6 cows, one bull, three pigs and various wild birds, hares and rabbits!